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Jan 29, 2012

0 28th Amendment, constitutional draft

28th Amendment
Retroactive/proactive safeguard/protection against changes which infringes on the original intent of the constitution.


  • Restoration of original intent through invalidation/removal of infringing laws/precedents.
  • The rights of the people shall not be infringed upon by any entity, such as: companies, governments, organizations, corporations, countries, and so fourth; the rights of the people supersedes all previous and post laws/provisions while upholding the original intent of the constitution.
  • Complexities shall in no way, shape, or form infringe on our freedoms and impose limitations/alterations/removals upon the people's rights with regard to the original intent of the constitution.
  • The original intent of the constitution is subjected to the interpretation of the people, and will not be defined by any government, court, body, company, organization, and so fourth; it shall be agreed upon by the people and coincide with historical evidence concerning the original intent of the constitution: original intent shall also take into account the characters of the founding fathers and the context surrounding the creation; what constitutes infringements shall be interpreted by the people in the same regard with the same provisions.
  • Invalidation/removal of infringing laws/precedents shall be done with consideration of ramifications/consequences and substituted with constitutionally respecting versions, if possible.

Side Note: Something that I put together, unsure how good of an idea it is or not; it is open to changes.