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Jun 16, 2011

0 My, Playing with Fire, Rock Song Lyrics

Playing with fire, before we expire
with death's brother, the sandman's thunder
and the Grim reaper is guitaring
notes in the air are battling and sparring
and Midnight's rocking, rocking out...
dressed in moonlight roses

Between daydreams and starlight
love and inferno hell
the nanos between our kisses
is the distance our souls are nailed

In blood and fury
in teardrops and yells
our souls are weary
from all the moments we have dealt

Playing with desires, before our mind tires
Death's juggling flames and heart-filled lighters
and Midnight's playing with the rhythms of lust
Sandman's drumming to the heart beats that are all afuss
and Guardian Angels are rocking out, rocking out on the floor

Hearts pressed together
between midnight and dawn
the nanos that separates us, a universe that's not so long
and even though are eyes are closed
our dreams rolls along

Through nightmares and teddy bears
through hardships and song
event through, when we are apart
when we are make believe
we share a heart and it's easy for it to be deceived

Whip her with her laces
bound her with your ties
scratch her until she embraces
bite her down to her thighs

And sing sweet, exotic lullabies
pulling her hair like a leash to your eyes
And sing to her sweet, exotic lullabies
giving her butterfly kisses, until her eyes light like fireflies

Paste the kisses like petals upon water
whisper to her the tastes of forbidden rides
fill her with genuine wonder, elicit within her a sensual surprise
that tamed hunger, tamed and arise

And drink, drink from those sexual-filled eyes
Love and lust, scantily disguised
fulfill the needs, needs for lies
dreams and intellectual, intellectual highs

Playing with pleasure, before it becomes never
I'm rocking out on the bed
Grim's jamming with the dead
And Midnight's flirting with the band
Sandman's keeping time with the sand
and angels are rocking out, rocking out in the air

Hearts covered in white flames
sleep amplified by the drumming rains
another world calls from inside
traveling along: Insanity's musical amusement park ride

Down the roller coaster rides
through the dark, scenic tunnels inside
exhibitions of ambitions, renditions surmise
of sweet, forbidden lies

Of sweet, forbidden lives
revealing everything that is inside
Of sweet, forbidden tastes
pleasure written all across her face

Laced with imperfections, dark impressions
with love, reflective delusions
addictive illusions
to satisfy this thrill inside

Playing before sleep, before we fall deep
diving deep into this insanity
getting lost in our humanity
and the aesthetics are out of control
the Sandman's dust is taking a toll
and Midnight's lulled
lulled to sleep