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Jun 26, 2011

0 Commentary about my purpose in life

That is a question that isn't easily transcribed into words, and could take a lifetime to realize in it's entirety. However, my main purpose in life is to live a life that is: Christ-like. In today's age, when people don't believe in God as much as they use to, when religious believers are labeled as fanatics, hypocrites, naive/ignorant, hateful, and so fourth, it's hard to hold a strong foundation, but tests are what life's about.
Besides being for God/Jesus/ and the Holy Ghost, we all have our individual purposes that we define. For me, I would like to believe one of my purposes is: to become a writer and change the world through my words. Other-than-that, could be to have a family, raise my children, protect my love ones (strangers, and people I may have evil thoughts towards). And, perhaps, one of the most important purposes is: to grow in love, as a person, and remain true to who we are.

Take care,