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May 20, 2011

0 My Obsession poem

This is my obsession, my confession

my life caught up in indigestion, trapped in all the wrong directions
and it's hallowing, swallowing me alive

swallowing me through my eyes
forcing me to think, to dream, to survive
to rip out all that I am, or seem, or all that I scream

into this void, this hoarseness that grows, erodes, echoes of all the noise that froze
calling to me, serenading me, enraging me
with hopes, and fears, and shadows that resembles shears

my blood like gems, like jewels
tangled and dangled strings, my metaphoric rules
holding me together like glue

and I can see a future, a loser, a symbolic boozer
plagued by possibilities and insecurities
adrift without anchors or strings
unable to escape the effects of all the causes life brings

and I wonder, overheated with hunger
tugging at the forming thunder
lighting filled with wonder
if I can just sleep of another...

to drain away all of the rot
into a genii bottle, twisted and taut
and wish away like pixie dust, all of the corrosive fuss

or just filter away, all that I don't want to stay
from my blood, my soul, my eyes
the tears that strolls and cries
and the song trapped inside my mind

that whispers the what-ifs like angelic rhymes
and I wonder, who it is this that is trapped inside