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Jan 29, 2011

0 To and Fro, poem

I am very happy with this poem, it turned out better than I expected

There are days, when a sad song belongs more so than yesterday
and a chorus of tears become a symphony
to the moment’s thoughts and hesitations

Looking into a mirror, hard to gaze upon
this broken artwork, broken for so long
and all I see are God's eyes concealed in this song

Reflective, refractive- heart radioactive
contaminating into my mind, these emotional, chemical compositions
filling my memories with these erosions of tomorrow

What's in a reflection, this dark obsession
to rip out this man before me, a drunken rage of a sea
this fury of human nature, I can not erase from me

Drowning, overcrowding, hunger for something, something over nothing
cursing and overexerting, my prayers like message bottles tossed at the floor
smashed, razor sharp teeth- hungering for more

And just like the wind, words caught on a breeze
just like a moment ago, fading away like a floating seed
we come and go, with these sails to and fro- beckoning to be free