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Dec 1, 2010

0 Darkness of emotions poem

The darkness of emotions, within a single drop

Sometimes there is a deep depression, that hits you like a song
a lullaby of feelings, that doesn't die or belong
it sucks all of your soul from you, all of your heart
drowns you in darkness, drowns you in waves of sorrow, leaves you falling apart

and you just don't know why, or where to start

Like a marionette doll, you sit drinking in this chaotic, masquerade ball
sinking further and further in than you have ever been
with your strings and eyes, running deeper and deeper down this amusement park ride
and it has yet to reside, this melody that plays inside

scratching and clawing itself alive

Like the covers upon your bed, you peek deeper inside the unsaid
out from beneath the sheets, through the crack of the door, down the creaking steps into nightmare-lore
following the sound of music, the beating steps, in this land of marionettes
to just understand the whys, to assemble the puzzle blocks, the missing lyrics of your eyes

and you feel the darkness of a storm, bringing interest to your inner world that's been torn and torn