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Aug 16, 2010

0 My Broken Heart Poem

My broken eyes
gaping holes
rocks ascended, never to come back home
shards like claws, like tree branches outside, reaching across my life
peering into my- ever so private abode

The cold ice numbs, it glazes blue
that blue tint, the color of a sad melody, musical notes upon my balcony
frozen angel wings, smoke colored breathes puffs like a train
and I'm so accustomed, I don't even seem to care about the pain

Inside the cloak of velvet black air
where mirrors aren't mirrors, showcasing my despair
where shadows aren't shadows, walking between here and there
do I exist, where there is no light to see

Still, oh still, I quiet my thoughts
I try to erase them from my mind, erase them from my mind, erase them from my mind
I try to tell my heart to stop beating, stop beating, oh ever stop beating
but I can't seem to get them to listen, can't seem to get them to care

Therefore sleep calls, sleep softly calls to me
softly steals from me- who I am
steals away the curtains of whats real from whats not
buries me under sheet after sheet of existence until...
until nothing is left of the real world or the real me