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Dec 31, 2009

0 Poem Prose: Inside of myself

Inside I slumbered within the fancy of time in my ancient youth, living in but a fantasy
my soul left my body like old, decaying slippers, into the protected chasms of my mind

From a far: my eyes like telescope lenses searching the universe that lied outside my world
when would time move again like a locomotive on the time-line of my life

Where do I begin but at the end, when I met the love of my life, seems but a flash ago
Words sent on quantum strings like paper-cup phones, my rapid-eye movement became to slow

Never did I phantom that once I found the other piece of my heart that too many other pieces would be missing
Waking up to a world that had pass me by, I have no clue what to do

I arrived at the station of my body, feeling the numbness subside to depression
Feeling the flood of emotions kept in a bottle tossed into the waves of time, come back to me once again

Now I stare into my loves eyes, upon the bed: insomnia to my dreams
With nostalgia of my hide-a-way from life, wishing I could offer more to my love than a world built on fantasy: a poof of smoke