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Dec 4, 2009

0 My Twitter Haikus by @AnthonySouls Hope you enjoy my poetry 12-04

Even if time stopped . infinity couldn't solve . moments that will come

Live in a world of . pillows on every wall . mirrors in my soul

Woke up in a world . copied from previous days . never to be freed

Silence can break minds . cultivate our deepest thoughts . tearing down the walls

Knock, knock at the door . no one else can hear its call . acoustic monsters

In a compacter . watching the metallic walls . crush my reflections

Mirrors reflecting . my internal workings . insanity calls

Floating on ocean . desert made of water sky . mirrors of hope

My soul is like . a blanket fort build with chairs . flashlight emulates

I wish for my dreams . so much that I loose myself . like hide-and-go-seek

Too much on my mind . can hear the nymphs calling me . echoes in my ears

Time warrants nothing . pretends as we don't exist . we are what we ask

Atomic structure . like a snowflake formation . sculpted piece of art

When the heaven's fall . archaic beauty collides . worlds into ruins

Intangible thoughts . architecture of the mind . made manifested

Before: self-assured . individuality . after: incomplete

Mechanical heart . still has the ability to . love with all the soul

Where P.I. ends, my heart . still calculates the value . stored inside of us

Guardian angel . mistaken for a fairy . a blink of a eye

Brain has come across . relationship's influence . turning hearts around

Home within a home . just like Russian nesting dolls . our existence is

pathway of rock slates . through botanical gardens . inches above ground

Serenity glows . lampposts containing auras . reflecting warm light

Underwater girl . painted in ripples of light . a still photograph

From God's heart we tore . a piece of heart for ourselves . a shattered beauty

Looking through the shades . so much beauty in the cracks . likewise much hidden

Notes of a lost score . Hidden in the dream of now . back-flash of music

Wish if I could that . I could hold on to such a . dream of then and now

I have lost so much . yet gained the perceptions of . other side of life

Life's underbelly . from a childhood of love . a man's irony

I wish I could do. over my whole life again . yet keep what I have

As i drempt I slipped . into a past of now and . then, both incorrect

The comfort of my . childhood past can be found in . the dark closet mess

Who we are doesn't . depend on situation . depends on ourselves

Life is circumstance . but the roads of our soul is . built upon ourselves

Where has our love gone . just as the fall season ends . our love becomes leaves

A lost soul fragment . found on a piece of paper . from ten years ago