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Dec 17, 2009

0 How to write a decent haiku in 3 easy steps

How to write a decent haiku:

1.Pick a theme: Idea, emotion, sense, image, etc... to write on.
2.Condense or expand the concept into three separate sub-ideas (emotions,senses,images, metaphors, etc...) that holds all the information the reader needs to comprehend it. Don't leave out important information the reader needs to fully understand the concept.
3.Translate what you have come up with into haiku form (5,7,5 syllables).

1.Use your own style to express yourself.
2.Write for yourself
3.Using images, metaphors, or emotions to express your thoughts helps condense the idea. Think of other ways to express more with little.
4.Reread your work a few days later when it is out of your mind, see how it is to you.
5.Make sure each verse extends or encapsulates the idea on it's own (has it's own essence/soul).

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