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Aug 3, 2009

0 Group of haikus I created on my twitter account

Night time yet again /starlight swallowed by black-hoes /Never to reach earth
Monster under bed /Darkness engulfing my heart /Flashlight in closet
Broken down body /Pieces still falling apart /Trying to survive
Needed violence /Craving others' destruction /A bloody green-world
Another world waits /To be drastically changed /For better or for worst
Take away my soul /A Genni in a bottle /Waiting for my hell
Follow me right now /into the heart of her dream /To understand pain
What is my purpose /If no one recognizes /Who I truly am
Where do I go from /A path lost in time and space /Path through destruction
Do you give a damn /That people fall through the cracks /Life and sanity
Where is your passion? /To afraid to make a change /Life requires life
Wish upon a star /It falls from the black heavens /Death for a lost soul
Power to control /How the world spins around us /Orbiting people
Future behind us /Broken possibilities /Wondering what if
what inspires dreams / To quickly flee from our minds / Do they shape the soul?
Do you know yourself? / Understand your heart and soul / Or did you give up?
My wondering thoughts/ foot steps past our minds limits/ into a new world
Waiting for time's change / scared of what I will find there /What will be taken?
Looking for details/ What secrets will they reveal?/ Our humanity
He gave memories/ Remembering as her own/ Truth lost inside time
Questions Propagate / What's inside Pandora's box / All of his secrets
Apple falls from tree / Down the rabbit hole it rolls / Mad Hater picks up
Depression soaks in / Into my thoughts and body / Draining who I am
Stress stretches my soul / Rubber band about to break / Crashing into life
Life flipped upside down/ World falling into pieces/ Some forever lost
How many lost dreams/ Are never fulfilled in life/ That could of been real?
Where do I go now?/ Options retreating from me/ Left with destruction