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Aug 4, 2009

1 Another group of haiku's

Do you see me through/ Apocalyptic currents/ As I truly am?
My love through anger/ Diluting hate with reason/ Forever growing
Lost in a spaceship / Aliens searching for me / Heading towards home
Starlight in my hand / Caught her soul like a firefly / Cannot escape me
Can a great poet / Have his work covered in dust / Unloved forever
Charcoal wedding ring / The weight of eternal love / Begats to diamonds
Lost, broken-heart shards / Forever missing pieces / Fractured perceptions
A glass, blown bubble / Caged inside my own damned world / Just looking outside
A glass, blown bubble / Inside without influence / Until it shattered
Pretentious romance / deluding themselves with love / to be seen by all
Delete who I am / grave inside my subconscious / born underneath life
How can they fake love / Understand the nuances / and choose the dark-side