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Jul 7, 2009

0 Depressed World

How it must feel to be homeless, all alone on the streets of this world
I ponder this quite often, wondering where I would go if I had no where else to go
Dropping through the cracks of our society into the dark subtext of this world’s heart

How would I ever crawl out of such a grimy, jagged crevice back into what I would call life
Protecting myself from the blackened hearts of our populous
Where would I get hope from when the truth is so horrible and lies seems so beautiful

Would I steal for food when I’m starving for strength
Would I kill for security, just to be safe and not for another night weep
I wish not to think about how dark the darkness would grow that’s already inside of me

And through my thoughts I find that this world doesn’t resemble me
Doesn’t value the same moral fiber as I do, doesn’t share the same deduction as I do
And I search for why I am here, why I can’t seem to survive in this alien world

“God why am I even alive in a world that I’m so different from that I can’t survive”