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Jul 4, 2009

0 Death Stealer by Ariabelle Sierra

riding away with death
on a dark and enchanting horse
Hair gleaming in the milky moonlight
your face shadows all your fears
wondering why your letting death
take you away from your security place
What made you change your mind?
what made you want death instead of life?
DId you think being the princess of death
would change everything for you?
Or did you think you would have some
exciting fun
instead of a boring old safety net?
you hunger for death
that you dilluted yourself
thinking that youll be dancing
at masquerade balls
that this is your chance to be a princess
and get whatever you want
within your little grubby grasp
while hes wisking you away
on a dark magnificant beast
drifting away from the place you knew
and replacing it with his allure of magic
Showing you bedazzling lies
that he says will be yours
when you enter the underworld
while in his mind
hes laughing horriblely
knowing that he has captured a butterfly
in a web
one that cant be free
from the  fate they put themselves in
wondering if this nightmare
will ever go away
or if this is true
he will  torture their souls forever