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Sep 14, 2008

0 Restless Soul by Ashley Quebedeau

Fragile minds crack so easily
give into love and get heartache
for what they have done

let them wither away
since no one wants to love them
just to hurt their heart each and everyday

why wander around this lousey world
when no one want you in their lives

You try to be happy
and try to make the loved ones happy as well

but thats just another failure
another flaw to reflect back

and see how stupid you've become
just to see this screwed up person

trying to live in a lalaworld
that makebelievable stuff will come true

when in reality
its just more heartache and pain
that will never go away

To many scars on your arms
and on your heart
that your mind keeps swirling back to killing yourself

and lay in that comfy coffin of yours
and think, no one cared in the world
and your better off this way

Just to live lonely in your limbo world
and to day dream about your broken dreams

and slumber away under restless stars
knowing that a happy ever after is never
gonna come for you