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Aug 31, 2008

0 New poems of mine, enjoy:)

Are there monsters or angels inside of me?
The latter is higher than hell is deep
My dreams are darker than I may weep

My soul hungers for thoughts of hell
To fill the emptyness that I must dwell
For such, dare I belong in hell?

When I don't know what to do, Why is it hell that knows?
That gives me answers in the back of my  mind
Why is heaven so blind?

For I don't know much
And my Angel's answers are too high to hear
How shall I be?

When Angels walk me down paths of pain
And demons profess me answers that will take it away
Is my soul of night or of day?

another poem:

separate and incomplete
A soul like a dream
Unfinished at the heart
Looking out of his plain eyes

And the feeling feels real
And real feels unaccustomed
Dead and adrift
Waiting for something...

Analyzing and absorbing
Data my senses send
Waiting for a reaction
And I have no clue what to give