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Aug 23, 2008

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An Angel gave up being in heaven only for me
As a woman gave up her song to the sea
Where it would ride the tides for an eternity

Her white feathered wings did not cling to her anymore
As they fell off upon the sandy shore
No longer could she soar into the sunset clouds

Now by my side she stands
With her foot prints trailing mine
To bring me a piece of heaven
Where hell abides

"Where is the love?" a lonely man asks
It's entangled within the shadowy green grass
Lying beneath the full tall trees and angel lit stars

It's rolling around within the thick evening fog
Evading life inside dreams atmosphere

It's entangled in the flower beds
Playing games never to be said aloud

Love is concealed in the small details of life
That passerby's pass away
Knowing oneself goes on for an eternity
Never the same person moment to moment
For we change everlastingly

Forever growing into the light
As flowers leave the shadows behind
Never to be the same man which passed away
My past showing all the different versions of myself before today

Our thoughts growing together in tune
Playing our music through our eyes
Sharing the lyrics of our souls

Our movements dance like blooming flowers of the night
Starring up into the dreamy skies
Wondering about both our lives

From our lips beats our hearts
Finding comfort not by being by ourselves
But by breathing each others breathes

Love made from moments seeds
We are all but breaths in time
Through the air we breathed
The words we said
Moments apart of or never had

Truths turned to lies
People forever gone
All that's now is all that had ever belong

Tear drops from our eyes
Smiles upon earthly angels
Anger forever gone wrong
Miracles that entangles

All but memories of a time
When we wished we could see
Everything that would ever be

Now knowing fills us with heart aches and heart gasps
For we are all but breaths in time
Eyes closed when once they shined

I've started out in life as a shade of light
Bright, invoking hope
Yet darker I became
Dimmer my light began to shine
Deeper black my shade hued
Upon this world of mine

Thoughts beckon me to see
The world for its truths

My dreams close their eyes
To cry in peace

The light retreats and turns to night
Thoughts beckon me still to see
Who Am I?
The living death
To hate oneself beyond fathom to not want to live life
Yet never to take your own life
Watching it play out as a dream on stage in deaths booth

Never to be loved yet to see love in those you want to love
Want you for but a moment then to love others

A soul can only live and die so much...
Bear so much...
Through my teardrop cries
This is life in my sunset eyes
I dreamt dreams but they never came to life
You'll never know how they were all of you

Therefore, I'm forced to dream new dreams
Abandoning the emotions for you of false memories to be
Leaving them behind to be dreamt of nevermore
Never again...

A living death to never end
My soul hungers for the rarest of all delicacies
Love, a creature which offers itself to be eaten alive
Only to those it chooses

Else, without consent it will claw its way down your heart
Robbing you of your dreams and emotions
Slaughtering your memories
All in which will never be fully healed

Love is a creature that darkness can't abide with
For evils nightmares are of these creatures' revenge...

Your hand
Heart turn to spade
Dreams only nightmares under the shade

A Soul lost within his own hands
Shuffling through fate, damned

Waging his flesh away
A spirit without words to speak
He leaves the table with another at his seat
Two lives touches
Her sunrise to my sunset eyes
The heavens in her blushes

Her movements are of a falling star
Shooting past my life
Our sparks just a memory

Looking back upon moments gone
Two souls untwined
My light into the darkness of others serenading songs

I dare to miss
The air being only our breaths
Touching of our eyes
Hearts belonging in each-others chests

Hopes for once again
To know her
For me to open the red cedar door to myself
In the uncertainty to be the myself behind my dreams

Breathing deeply she drank the air as the breeze rushed by
Awakening her from slumber to being alive

All her stresses blowing out of her into the evening sky
Flying away like dragons

Strength being restored to her soul
As swallowing the breaths of God
Each day I kill myself with slumber
Another suicide upon my bed
To dream away my time in reality
With a dream as I am another

A different life filled with spiritual treasure
Lest it be a nightmare, I awake then start over
Killing myself with empty thoughts, I rest
Into my dreams, my home I love best

As my hands strokes down her blushing fire
A hue most desired along your skin
I see the blueprints for a galaxy of heaven
Concealed within the black opals of your eyes

Sunrises, sunsets, solar flares your soul begets
Dreams and cares, loves and passions

A sculpture of life made from heavens sand
Of flesh and bones, movements and pose
The infinite curves of a woman
In a world of love and sin
A piece of heaven abides behind our sun shut eyes
Botanical gardens beholding the loves of our relationships

Each plant with their different appearance
A unique personality which allures
Adds new qualities to who we are

The beating of their hearts'
Music through mine
Relaxing as songs of sirens

So fragile are these gardens inside
For the people of our lives
Each maintained, always through love

Memories play out as our eyes partake
Never to let their souls be abused
Even through anger, don't act upon our darkest fantasies

We dare not misuse the memories that arose
As weapons to say
To hurt those we love

Always and forever shall the gardener in me abide
To always protect these botanical gardens inside

For if through anger we trample upon them
They will grow no longer
Be out of our dear lives forever

Therefore, never destroy these gardens within us
Afterwards, it will never be the same again

If we do happen to step upon these homes for our friends
Hope that our tears can heal them
Pray that they will want to stay within us
Through the prints of our soles
You're as the daylight rain
Free-falling from the heavens
With heated passions as hot springs
Making the heavens a waterfall for me

A waterfall throughout the whole sky
With the beauty staring me eye to eye
As it gently caresses me
With emotions I can't even see

It starts out falling as a light fog
Then strengthens drop by drop
With the rhythm of a healthy heart

The beats over-flowingly increase
Exponentially the emotions release
As they continue their decathlon event
Finishing upon me for the reason they were sent

Pouring out all of herself onto me
Through the sun rise light and cool breeze
Through the rainbows the sky leaves
As she trails through her journey

A dream dropping into reality
With love soaking me

Filling my soul with insanity
Giving me exerted, endless possibilities
Living truly with her romance
Baptizing me with a righteous perspective

Then I humble myself, as I say, "So let it be"
To my love who is the daylight rain

Spring is honored by her life
It christens her heart with the essence of its season
She shines like a firefly
Her beauty and energy matches the season itself
The season blows cool air by just to embrace her presence with its soul
Summer becomes hot with emotions as she talks
As she wears beautiful light clothing
It reaches out to warm her heart
It caresses her body to make her relax and humble
Fall blushes as she walks by
The leaves fall as gifts for her
The flowers blow into her hair to smell her
Fall faints as she approaches

Winter despises her for everyone loves her
Is jealous for it loves summer
It tries to freeze her and make her uncomfortable
Tries to seal her inside her house
Yet she is optimistic
She plays with its misgivings
Then winter too falls in love with her
Gets lighter and fades away

All the seasons for her seems to obey

I handle my women like a glass doll
I vow, I never will allow you to fall
If you break, then it will be the end
If you break, it will be my sin

I'll wrap you up with my hugs and kisses
Held tight with my evening wishes
I'll set you down in the most self of places
In my arms and embraces

I'll wrap you in bubble wrap
With each bubble filled with my love
When popped can be heard from the heaven above

I'll not let you scratch at any time
I'll polish you and keep you as you were meant
To be with children and a child at heart
You are my valuable glass doll

The conductor of musical notes awakens from his slumber
To be apart of daydreams made manifested by lovers
He plays his symphony, watching their love promenade into a dance

He ponders about their romantic love when it was just dreams
All the moments that had to come for this to be
In the end is reality just as wonderful as the dream?

Musical notes trailing about them as fireflies
Intimately brushing along their ears
Lovers drunken upon their emotions

Their moments became their own universe
Living with one another
They die into one another
She basks in pure light
With her arms reached out
Towards her vibrant knight who stands fully grown
Protecting her like a guardian angel

He battles the enemies which invades her earth
As serpents they weave like termites they destroy
Yet he battles for her to remain perfect

The ball park's dusty golden lights
Shading away into the darkness
A fairy-tales atmosphere comes to life
For a man with his damsel

A stadium of dreams gathers
Where lights dances with shades
To watch the play of earthly lovers
Romance upon twilight's stage

His arms steadies her lower-back
Her legs locked about his waist
Hair dangles in golden locks
Each-others eyes watch between reality and dreams
Their hearts a race

Upon the grass he thrusts her back
Legs with knees playfully rose
Between them he speaks words of love to her
Within her eyes a drunken blush that doesn't know of days

Wrestling throughout the ground
Tigress to lion, we are a lust
Lush passions we have grazed too much
Two bodies naked amongst their sounds

Talking to myself
Arms wrapped about my chest
Just to hear someone aloud
Instead of deaths insistent sound

Acting out my daydreams
I appear to be insane
Dancing in steps with pretend lovers
Putting delusions over my deflated eyes

How do you fall in love?
When there are no moments to
I'll even settle for a passionate enemy
That I can fall in love with eventually

Would suffer a lifetime if I could be loved
Have someone say when I'm gone away
I wish he was here

Obsidian nights
A Starless sky without any light
My thoughts walk out of sight

Truly, truly trailing footprints holds its fate
Shadows portraying what it has to slay

Untying its way to its light
Thoughts just lost within my own mirror mind
Awaiting a way out
Rain from heaven's waterfalls
Plummeting down-wards toward earth
Gothic clouds dressed in their apparel
Beneath are the trembling bodies of lovers in the cold

Promenading together while the worlds shut in
They play out there earthly desires
Their warm touches brushes like pixie dust
Between their eyes a mix of love and lust

Her clothes clinging to her feminine frame becoming translucent
Dark Hair dripping with her glowing skin
A human angel with a dash of sin within her eyes

Bodies thrust upon each-other
Animalistic are their motions
From there lips they drink each-others potions
Upon wet green grass lie their passions

The smell of rain
The feel of it massaging their skins
As moment upon moment they become barer
Living desires they dare
Share their love beneath the starless skies

She is a Cloud
Overcastting upon the oceans below
Her cloak white as an albino rose

She beholds a heart made of the breaths of God
A soul made from that which gives life

I'm the sun casting down upon her
A complement to my power
My shine brushes down her curves
With a lover's hand instead of a warrior's
For she brings out that which man was never meant to see

Her body, bashful throughout
Revealing not a spec of a shadow of a storm
Pure as the day in which I was born

Her blushes bright red as a strawberry
Turning to passion
With each kiss her body changes along
Darker shades her skin pigments
Desires transcended unto the sea
Our lover's bed

A lover's bed made of waves
Glowing with the colors of our love affair
Like upon the shades of a lover's bedroom window
Marking the beauty of our loving
With each hue a different emotion's song
Each shade's intensity shared
Until all is dark but the lit memories
Turning an ocean of awe into a bashful garden stage

An orgasm of fiery colors succumbed to sleep.
Dimming darker as my soul is weak
I drape the clouds with light from the stars
For my lover to rest upon the heavens
Until tomorrow when she feels my warmth again
My Heart is black instead of red
Its love bathing within shadows instead
Emotions silhouettes, murals of memories upon the shades
Showing my love in all its charades

Masquerading through the cloak of night
My eyes serenading the angels taking flight
Dusty trails of golden light left behind
I cry out words for my soul-mate blind

Why must I be different upon this earthly ground?
For no one to call back to my pleading sound
In all life's ecstasy to be robed of compatibility
Stealing from my soul its precious meaning
In rage I break down in song
Where upon this decaying stage do I belong?
A Shadow box
Echoes crying out forever
Salty tear-drops put on display
Humiliated they pose and shiver (tremble)
Within the obsidian nights there's only day

Collapsing upon polished cedar
Reflective murals gaze
Pounding its fists it resembles
A boxer boxing for days

Then darkness drapes its world, eats away the light
Fears within the shadows
Alone this broken creature pleas
To God a heaven upon its splattered knees

Please take away the monsters from me that resides
Of darkness and light
Crush the lock and flawless glass doors
Let me be a tear-drop within your earthly seas

Upon Eternity's Cliff
The sunset paints the rocks with passion
Reds with oranges shaded like blush
Her legs dangle off the cliff in satisfaction
Eyes memorizing the touches of horizon's golden dust

Green grass lit up as angel's feet walk past
Breezes so fresh it makes the heart gasp
I watch her inhaling with her eyes shut
Eating upon a fruit with ecstasy

My hands caress along her back
As I look down the cliff into eternity
Words fall from my lips

Eyes still dark as night filled with insecurity
I kiss down upon her arched neck
Then with a thrust of my hand along her back
I push her off into the abyss

Downward she falls bruised and scared
Grasping at the obsidian surfaces of the face
Heart beats echoing into infinity
"Will she return to me?" I say with painful eyes
Knowing I pushed her away
Off Eternity's Cliff
If I could see into your future
Passion would fill into my eyes
Stopping all the disasters that would surmise

I'd step into your life
A stranger's love
To protect you during all of your hells
Be there for you if I can not

To help christen your tears
My hands over your heart to heal
With Words becoming your blankets
I'd live within your life and you within mine
Becoming your future

For the most part
A firework sits in the darkness
But for the brief moments
Where he is lit on fire
His passion flares
And he brightens the life around him
With amazing colors
Then is heard from no more
You're my dream within a nightmare
My candle-light on my journey
To accompany me through the darkness

Then upon my rest
With my journal ready to be inscribed upon
You are there right beside
Reading my thoughts

A Dream of light by candle-light
Within a nightmare

I blink my eyes and darkness befalls before my vision
Turning a kingdom of light into a nest for dreams

My memories play across the endless depths of the abyss
My thoughts cry out to me from the dark seas
My emotions crash along the banks of my eyes

Presences I can only feel in this sightless world
Then with a blink, light is there once more to taunt me from pain's seductions

If you have ever loved someone in a dream
It's amazing beyond words
You know the dreams you have while you're asleep?
I had dreams of the most incredible women

My emotions are far more real in dreams
They are clear and without doubt
And the women are perfect to your wants in every way
It's love without hate

There are other forms of me
Like mystical creatures in the dark
But when light is shined upon them
They are made up of all of the various pieces that surround us
Just like me

A Darkness that devourers who I am
Releasing my inner demons
To roam the night as predators
Seeking out to be who I am

They are shaped devilishly
Slyly they stalk and hide
Like spirits they move
With their thoughts they hypnotize
Until they are made true

Then with the lights turned on
They disappear into my dreams
Revealing the man behind the beings
Just a man of flesh and blood
Our memories are mystical
With magic, we see them all in reflection
To whom we are for the moment

Each remembrance is a lucid dream, changing with our curiosity
Seeing our lives play out through today's heart
With the pieces of love ones locked within

Pieces which we got, who are stories unto themselves
Reenacting upon the windows of our eyes
The part we in role them into

Mixing reality with dreams
We see with memories and illusions
Into our lives which are infinite
Especially with memories which seem definite

Her nickname is firefly
A man, her best friend, gave it to her on an evening
As they took their stroll
Down the barren neighborhood

The bold moon proudly displayed itself
Wondering if the specs of stars
Would ever paint themselves

The moonlight shined a spotlight upon her
As they walked down the road
No one would have noticed though
No one at least but for her friend
Who noticed it within her eyes

The moonlight with the stars
Uncovered the detail of her fiery eyes
All the colors the moon could dream of
The passion of red and all of its hues
A rose

"You're a Firefly..."
Said her friend with a smile as they slowed to a stop
A stop with a Friend

Like a child stacking their toy blocks
I too, stack my emotions
Building one upon the other

At first like a child
I'm just interested in the game life presented me with
To play at the shallow parts along the ocean side
Not considering what lies beneath

But then one day
The child vanishes into the depths
With the tides, life pulled him in
Into this curious new perception

The blocks become harder to stack now
Knowing the intricacies of living
The emotions build until you can barely stack them
Without almost breaking down at the attempt

Then I quit the game
Turn out the lights and forget
Forget it, lying down in the dark room
Taking a break from life to play no more

A bloom always closed
Within his folds
Drunken upon the dew of the night
Laying down with his eyes bright

Singing his silent tune alone
Dancing with the shimmers of cold air
With his feet buried within the soil
Thinking into the shadows his thoughts

My heart is the color of charcoal
Daydreaming though the black night
There are no stars in the heavens
Nor are there any moons, anywhere close by

There are only illusions painted to life
They are my shooting stars
With the brilliance of galaxies
There hearts are not made of flesh but of sentiment

The real estate is own by my Friends
Each with their deeds
There own personality and loves decorate their homes

The entrances to their hearts; their souls
Made up of dreams and memories
With touches of exaggerations here and there
If I could hold her emotions
Within my hand like sand
I would hold them as long as I can
Feel them touching me back
Hoping they would rub off upon my skin

If I could hold her emotions
Their warmth kissing into me
Like the hundred legs of a centipede
I would combine my emotions with hers
For them to make love for an eternity
Hoping they could absorb one another

Then I would give them back
Wish for her eyes to see into mine
Show love for me to be in her life
A part of her soul

Her legs dangled like flowers a slumber at night
Tame penguin eyes composing the starlight
Stars blowing kisses of cascading light
Lips reading all of the emotions tonight

Flowers smitten by dews blush upon her skin
They lean towards her in earthly Sin
Spellbound in ritual dance with the wind
Soliloquy of the flowers' souls pantomime their love

Listening to the sleep talking flowers
To all of their secret thoughts
Watching as they sleep walk in the gardens
During midnight showers

In ritual dance they call upon the rain
I ponder if I've gone insane
To watch such delusions come alive
But I truly, truly don't care anymore
To be unaware of reality

With my hands I unearth them from the ground
These mystical creatures spellbound
Bringing them back into reality
Pixie-dust brushing away
Losing their voices to the wind
Only but to sway in the breeze
Within my grasps I carry them off

Through the rain to my lover's doorstep
Soaking wet I drip
Drunken off emotions with no words to talk
Knocking like heart beats upon what was once a tree
I wait for her

There she stands in evenings delight
In all her sleeping apparel
An earth-bound angel touched by night

Her touch awakens the flowers once again
Leaving my hands into hers
To rest upon her bedroom's windowpane

Our bodies talk without words
Within light and shadows they dance
Brushing love to sleep

Please take apart the puzzles of my heart
Piece by piece until I cease to exist
Lock each away as a charm around loveless necks
Dangling upon a chain above beating hearts' lullaby

Then forever asleep lying within love's slumber
Soak them in tear drops
Let them steal away your dreams
Made of earth she walks without wings
But she's not just another ordinary human being
Her foot steps dance with demons and angels
Leaving trails behind the furry of their footprints' design
Entangling upon reality and dreams
With words passionate as heaven and hell collide
She's a love that enjoys the ride (reside)

To a lonely broken heart she's a dream come true
Knowing someone (she) thinks of you
From those that you would want to

With breaths of fire still within
She tames the dragon of your heart from sin
All the fears that constantly stay (slay)
Seem to fade away without a thought
Like entering heaven by accident

She risks herself for you to love her
Be in her life
That your eyes would come alive
Past subsiding for the moment
A moment connected (created) with every other moment before your eyes
Awaking me from death's slumber
To show me that reality can be grander than a dream
That I will never need to sleep to be in heaven
Or to be loved again

Nature kissed the tree's leaves
With lipsticks of all shades
Preparing her for the masquerade ball

She worked with feminine content
Changing her each day, a little greener went
Until she glowed with the sunlight
Amplifying the colors' souls
Bringing her extravagant apparel to be liken to a sunset

The leaves rustled as nature blow her soul
You could hear the dance
Up in the tree's masquerade ball

A man stopped to look upon this beauty
A play with music of children's hearts
Each color with its own personality

The man is unable to see within the shades
Only in dreams with emotion's gaze
Into images of ones own needs

Liken as a ballroom and plays
With the leaves as feathers and flowers
They fall into the depths of death to dream
Just below the graveyard of the tree

The man watches with awe upon the display
Upon nature's art
She laid her body uncovered
With her flesh blossom red
Stretched out upon her bed
She waits for her lover
But at last she's unwed

Sinful dreams plays within her eyes
Her teasing grins unable to be suppressed
Falling in love with her lies
Heaving from her chest

Her moans dance upon the ceiling
Storming out the window they go
No more loneliness in her eyes
Through the daylight would show

The ritual beats of her heart
In rhyme with the thrusts
Never had anyone before
Locking into her incubus with lust

Passion in her eyes
She believes for a moment it's true
Making love with animal eyes
Breaths caressing down his

As this scene plays across my eyes
I wish it could be real
To hold our fleshes together tight
For there to be no more lies
To have love within
White drapes playing with the wind
I lay my body uncovered with my flesh blossom red

Sinful dreams plays within my eyes
Of how my death will take me away
Upon my bed for the first time I feel alive

At midnight the flowers are seduced
By the temptation of dreams on the loose
To play throughout their gardens as the mystical creatures they are

The flowers drape themselves in lingerie
Darker shades of reds and blues
They leave their modesty behind
To play in the dew their lover the heavens left behind

The cool wind blushes across their peddles
As the flowers promenade throughout the meadows
Of tall green grass and tall gentleman fellows
With tall brown bark suits and luxurious leafy hair

Night time is wondrous with all the illusions it bears
To be alone in the calm of the world

All the flowers snuggle into the cool damp sand with their feet burrowing into the earth
Staring throughout the gardens and up upon the fireflies, moons, and stars
Falling to sleep with their eyes wide open

To be lost
Are for your thoughts to change
Where you can never go back
To whom you once were

Then being asked to do so
Feel the same thoughts
Think the same way
That can never be...

Please my love put on an elegant jade gown
With classy white socks up to your knee
I have a gift, I wish, for my princess to see

A dance floor made of sapphire
Smooth as a new born baby
Then with my black penguin eyes
I say unto you, "come hither and promenade with me"

Now look under where you stand
The gems are full of light
Like a soul in triumph in the darkest of nights

With each step you start to glide
With each twirl you start to resemble
A flower petal who has fallen just for the ride

Now I hold you through tears
Push you up into the heavens to let go
You turn a flame as a fallen star
Crashing back into my heart
You're my angel you know

And thus this evening has come to an end
With kisses of a gentleman's heart
To sleep in an arena of dreams might

I'm hitchhiking my journey on a falling star
With a stranger I have just met, thus far
A stranger whose existence was just now born into my life

A stranger with emotions
Love, hate, joy, sorrow
A stranger with personality I never thought of
A stranger with memories of a life I can't even dream of

I continue the ride as she falls
With flashes of her life's glory
Blazing with colors of her flames

Her personality in perfect harmony with my being, my soul
I try to push her up on her decent with my heart's content, my heart's will, my heart's prayer
Then out of love, she was lifted back and still remains there

When I met you, you were full of life and love
But now you're depressed and full of sorrow
I wish I never met you
For it's because of me your in pain now

I use to see you as an innocent child
Never in fear, using all that life has to offer
But now gloom makes your beauty fade
And I wish I never got you

I wish for your love, beauty, and happiness to stay
Just as yesterday
In the darken stormy heavens
Droplets of water plummet from the sky as it sighs
As tears full of emotions commit suicides
Loosing all of their emotions as they die
Being drunk is like allowing someone to remember for you in the most tempting of times
With such trust, will they forsake you?
Holding your memories, they could lie and use you

For all you know, you wouldn't know
For by tomorrow you will be back to normal

Is anyone really perfect enough to have such trust?
Be wise and don't get drunk, you never know...
Shadows cover the land
At the horizon awaits a Shepherd's hand
Made of pure light, giving the land summer sight

As the sun slowly emerges
Light floods the shadows away
With colors of vibrant sand

The heart embraces as it watches
The sun rise
You know when a conversation is actually going somewhere
When she starts to inspire you

You start to think upon deep thoughts
Bringing out your creativity
As you continue to talk
You learn more about spiritual knowledge

She inspires the poet inside
There's no place to hide
New meanings and new ways to express them jot out
This is when you know your conversation belongs in time

Combing your hair with nightmares
Combing your hair with sweet dreams
Combing your hair with infinities

You sit there as I style your strains with my hands
Sifting through them like sands
Pawing down them like a predator yet you still feel secure

You feel the allure of my soul yet you know the truth
That I'm time's essence at your sleep over
Making you over
She gave me love without being asked
Without needing permission
A concept the world can't grasp
Unconditional love found in Fiction

Loving me through my evil heart aches
A flawed person full of mistakes
She didn't steal or ransom my heart
She just loved me
Even though I treated her wrongly
Slain love
A single heart lies on the busy street
Where crimson puddles leaks into the curb
With knives hanging out from his back
Holes embedded in his front
Notes of confessions falling out of his pockets

It's plain to see that he has been tortured humanly
By hate's play with love

Strangers walk upon him as he lies
Numb to his cries, for they all wear ear muffs

He lies like a piece of gum
A museum entitled, "Slain Love on the Busy Street"
Living a life through lifeless eyes
Was it really a surprise?
Knowing the hardships of my surmise

How I fought and fought but in the end sought
Sought to live a life in a total dream
Now all you can see are my lifeless eyes

Stars envying the fall
Each observes in a stadium of death
Greeted with wishes and blessings
Going out in meaning

Out of awe the moon turns blue
The stars blink in thought
As the stadium turns dim
For the fallen lives to start again
Your enemies hold their applauds

You hear the sound of claps everywhere you go
Yet you know why they are of good cheer

All around you is fading away, one step closer to disappearing
Life still evades you

Another day marks closer to death
One birthday will put you to rest

A dreamer's heart is black
With eyes of pure light
Inscribing on his soul with inks of faith
Memories of dreams and fantasies bathe

Then the dreamer shuts his eyes
Brightening everything with dreams of life
Where love has reign
There are no Shadows
For the painters of the Fields
Brushes them away with the sunlight of day

A shadowless field of roses
Still like a painting
With life holding still too
Love is formidable in such ways

Butterflies posing on flowers
Bumble bees covered in pollen
Still images in between the heart beats of day
An evil mans tears
Plummets as dragons
Who are now afraid

Blowing fire just to see light
As it diminishes to shade
Before earth devourers him once again
To a bony grave

Broken eyes now telling truths no one would believe
In an unknown tongue he cries out
For his soul to leave
Their death is beautiful
Antique white and gold
Corn stalks standing there
All alone

Their stalks are dry in winter's cold
No more life in, within

The reaper's an artist in its tapestry
Lifeless it dances like a scarecrow
Finding it more beautiful in the shades than the light
More love in delusions than sight

A child looks to the future
With eyes that won't remember their past
Dreams and hopes for what they wish for
To be tomorrow at last

Their thoughts shape each moment to become
On the events to unfold
Yet each version dies into the next
As they grow old

With different eyes they look back
Upon a past scattered as the sea
Unable to remember all the times
That caused him to be
A rainy day is always an eventful day
Droplets dropping down onto the ground
Nature's out to play

Flowers sticking out their tongues
Drinking all they can bare
Trees with their leaves out
Catching them in the air
Grass soaking the puddles up like heat from the sun
A man walking down the street under an umbrella just for fun

Amused is this man at all the wondrous sights
His eyes full of light
For this is why he loves walking in the cold rain
To see nature's personality come out with the rain
Dark fairies with long black hair
Tormenting the skies so you ought to beware
They scream their screams like the howling wind
Following where ever there's danger and sin
Partaking in trouble dressed in formal black ware

They come out only under stormy blackened skies
Before the storm cries down its sighs
They fly to those of good natured hearts
To turn them dark

With tricks they play and magic they wield
Good hearts distilled
They fly away with anger in the air
Trails of shadows the heavens now bear
Her naked body eludes everyone's eyes
As she walks down the neighborhood's streets at night
Her nails painted a light purple upon her hands and feet
Her smile always so sweet
Yet no one notices her naked flesh as she goes by
The wind caresses over her skin
The warm moonlight brushes off any sin

No one notices her slender firm body through the windows
She observes everything she passes
Heart holding on to the stars above
Like they are looking back at her
Wondering why no one notices that she's completely naked

I'm standing on the gateway to hell
Leaning to look down the edge
I try to balance myself as I sway
To look a little more down this well

I'm curious of what's within
Dazzled by all the dark desires
The fire concealed inspires
Former women and men

Memorized, I'm hypnotized by all of it
Not noticing my declining tilt
I've gulped myself inside
Can't help but be without
Kiss my heart
Kiss it my love
Kiss into you all my love

Breathe my breaths
Breathe my life
Breathe your breaths against mine

Touch my flesh
Caress down my skin
Bring out the pleasure from within

Look into my eyes
Look down my soul
Look into me to know
You're inside me

My heart beats like a star
Always twinkling from a far
On and off is my sol
Concealed in the dark abysmal

Alone I wish for
To be as a falling star
With life and death in a single breath
Then no more
Her body language encompasses the length of a laugh
From the beginning of exaltation to the ending on its behalf

All of the love concealed within these barriers makes you beautiful
A lass who isn't anything else but her heart within
The trees hold their breaths
Against the beating winds
Counting the heart beats of the heavens
To see how long they can last
Without breathing any air

Feeling suffocated they start to sway
With the air rustling through their leaves
Holding out for one last second longer
Until they need to breathe

Then when they do they become still
Like a relaxing painting overlooked from a window sill
When I look at the lit clouds
Surrounded by the blue sky
Just as an airplane cruises by
I'm succumbed by dark shadows outlining the light

I feel like I'm those shadows
Outlining the light so well
Showcasing its beauty with none of my own
Dependent upon the clouds of the sky for my home
Her eyes were dead and the sunrise went to bed and her lips felt so cold
How much pain I felt, she could never know
And the wedding ring that she did not take which broke my heart and mine keeps me awake
Now that we are apart
And thoughts rides the tears and anger cuts me like shears, every time I think upon her
Now Life is just a blur
Why must it be, this world seems to see, the heart toss into the sea unable to go
To and foe, I'm at a lost and love is at a lost and my mind went to drown and only my body could be found
And my heart wants to be by itself, never wants to be found, wants to reminisce in the memories that it found
And his dead body walks without any sound
I knock on the door
And I wait thinking
Thinking of who it was for
And I don't know why I knock again
I just knock again and again upon the door
And the door remains silent
Lifeless as before
I knock and knock upon this door
Waiting for it to come alive
But it doesn't recognize who I am
And I hear sounds coming from within
Sounds of happiness and gin
But it's faint and the words got lost
And I wonder who I am
Wonder what has happened
And I forget why I was there
And I just disappear
Stain-glass eyes
looking out the window
A window covered in mosaic, heart-broken tears
And all the lights have speckled auras
And life seems but a dream
Thoughts painted into your mind
of all styles
Where as life perhaps has meaning
And yet what came so fast now disperses away
And you wonder for a moment, if it was all just insanity...
Collage of memories,
pasted into my dreams
Fantasies of truths and lies,
carrying around emotions in suitcases of their minds
Thoughts changing too fast to find,
answers to questions waiting in line
Lies and truths now too hard to differentiate,
interchanging roles as they impersonate
And even though my eyes can no longer see within,
I pretend to know who I am
And even though life shaped me with rules I can't comprehend,
I hope that change hasn't erased who I am
Razor juggling girl
Her hands covered in cuts
Black blood drips into a pool
From her eyes are christened tear-drops
And blades cut through the air like tiny saws
Eyes unable to look away
Demons in the audience applauds
As love ones have nothing to say
And blades kiss along her skin like lovers
And her heart flutters
And pain seems to look away
And for a moment there are no words left to say
Like a Man Out of an Oil Painting
A lonely man carrying dreams as books in his arms
Wearing eyeglasses which only sees a world where he doesn't belong
He stops for a moment upon a wooden bench to entertain the woman of his dreams
On the empty docks beneath the clear blue fish filled waters
His heart beats a Capella inside his chest
Full of thoughts as characters playing poker in his mind
He talks with a baritone voice of small details that matter to him
And of dreams
Emotions like anchors tied onto fishing lines
Being casted out to fly like angels for a moment then to scuba-drive into the oceans depths
They forget themselves, for but a moment, as they are caught up in the adrenaline rush
And wonder why?
All of his decisions are diligently made like a man out of an oil painting
Wondering why life doesn't feel real
And He sits and listens to the voice of his love
Portraying herself
His passionate eyes like black consumes the night
He contemplates what is better, lies or truths?
And he walks off, the sunset left behind, alone as he came
With the delusion of her put back into his memories like picture frames
I use to be a dreamer when it came to love
And reality didn't seem real enough
I would dream my life away
And my heart held on to loneliness
Then my heart seemed to forget it all when I heard your words
When I was able to touch you
Touch you as a dream never could
Then I understood, reality has become my dream now
You are my life's blood
Memories like picture frames hang inside me
And boxes of saved kisses and hugs for a rainy day
And I don't hear the sounds of clocks following behind me anymore
Death doesn't seem like it was yesterday
Now moments seem to come that I wish would never go away
And pain doesn't seem to keep me from loving you
Now my Words are able to express themselves
You listen so diligently that I want to cry out
And I know that you don't just pretend to understand me
That you wouldn't want a life without me
That's what I think about when you're far away
A woman out of An oil painting caught in the rain
Leaving behind the elegant frame that she came from
She stands in contemplation, watching a man walking by on the other side
A dashing man carrying paints in his hands
With black frames covering his eyes
And in her mind plays out their whole lives
A smile begins to play across her face
Her heart from time to time begins to race
And her body can not hide her thoughts anymore
And she forgets that it was just a dream
And she feels real for once as she washes slowly away
Moments fleeing into memories
Their hide-a-way amongst the hills
Words sharing themselves forever turned into echoes
They watch angels as they sleep upon the moonlit clouds
And they display their love for each-other
And tell each-other that they will never forget
In the background she could hear the sounds of clocks
Tick-tok; tick-tok; tick-tok playing their song
Just like the sound of his heart beats
A lullaby so soothing and calm
And for a moment she saw his eyes staring back into hers
And only for a moment...
A photograph unable to awaken
An inner child lost within forsaken
Deprived and alone in life, shown behind the lies of her portrait
Lost within black and white unable to be perfect
She changes herself to find herself
I found her in the cemetery, a naked fallen angel
Covered in scratches from claws
Her eyes hallow as they stare
Looking back at me
Her wings shuffling between my heart beats
pale moonlit face with crimson lips
Cries screaming into the heavens
There she was singing in the rain
Drunken eyes of love being tickled insane
Upon the wet grass stealing away the stars
Laughter gathering like a street of busy cars
And as she tries to keep her heart from displaying
Holding it all in while her lover is waiting
Taunting her from his lips to his eyes
As he takes out her makeup mirror and shows her the sunrise
Sleepy blinks after-dark
Dreams walking in the moon-lit canvas
Romancing against the heart
Earthy lovers
Forever against the Banks
Set against the tides
Whispering into the coves
Their eternal pain
Ink blots made of earth
Entangled together
No longer stealing away moments
From one another
Between light and darkness
Butterflies ride the tidal-waves
Of the human heart
Smudged into the shadows
Sharpened with the light
Fluttering through love
As others flutters through hate
Each through the fabric of space
The Essence of life inside time
Rip the rose from my heart
Out of my chest from the dark
From a world of dreams
From a world of nightmares
Where the only lit stars
Are lonely thoughts
A black velvet rose
As a black hole
The forever depths of a shadow
Stealing light and keeping it as treasure
To keep his love alive
Can her eyes phantom the degrees of love?
All of the daydream galaxies of the rose
Beating within the music box of his heart
Or will she toss the rose upon the earth
Winding down to a simple design
I took away her heart
And I wrote it out with my soul
Dissected apart of her life
That somehow she would know
That even though her past was ever so alone
I share moments, my eyes never known
And I become their with her in the depths of her mind
Where there is no sense of time
And their we meet inside a real dream
All of who I am tangled within the seams
That she may see what her eyes have never known
Be inside my life in all the moments that had grown
And understand our perceptions are intertwined
That our heart beats can beat in rhyme
And she will be able to fight the monsters from ever again entering into her home
Where twilight is forever sown
Her Plush Tiger
In her heart, a garden needs to be sowed
Pain in the night, the sun unable to hold
A tiger that is but a tiger yet a soul so kind
He's but a plush upon her bed yet inside he's sunshine
Saying words without saying words into the starry sky
Touching with a kiss without a kiss
Stealing pain from Ashley's eyes
Now she can slowly sleep without sleeping
To his sweet lullaby
And Love, a dreamy love, of a moment that can never die
Penguin Starlight
Cascading dreams caught in the polar night
Presents a canvas made of black and white, penguin starlight
Contained millions of light years away, beat the hearts of music boxes
Whose songs, in the form of dreams, whisks across the snow in a dance
Polar bear, snow flakes slips across the fabric of the sky
Pouncing and stalking, chasing anyone whose close by
A landscape unfamiliar to time
Hallowed Heart
A planet buried deep within the dark cosmos
Without beats, without sleep,
live continouingly weeps for those captured there
Monsterous beings with an unaging,
imprisoned princess who's beauty is uncompared
Monsterous acts of self-satisfying pleasure,
she remains uncared
She dreams,
of a reality she believes may never come to be
To be free before her heart becomes hallowed beats for an eternity
He's just an ordinary guy, don't bother to ask why
Traveling through life with a girl instead of a guy
"You can do it," she always proclaims
As he gets himself into circumstances which are indeed deranged
Then he starts to think upon evil thoughts
And insane he may seem as he listens to how she talks
Of how great of a guy he is and how he can do anything when he obviously can not
Yet for a moment he may believe it to be true
As he faces the outcomes of unfortunate events that he thought wouldn't ensue
Why does he listen to her when he should not
He ponders about this an awful lot
And the only reason that seems to come to mind
Is for a moment he wished she would be right
That he is everything she believes him to be
As he turns up where you would never expect him to be
white moths, doves of the night
Angels fluttering off to the light
From the darkness
White Roses with wings to fly
chasing fireflys
Dancing in and out of shadows
White lovers in blue sand
Bodies teasing to kiss
Moments swoon
A man reflects upon his reflections
Unlike shadows in which light can not be
The reflection looks back but is unable to see the other side of his symmetry
How interesting it is to try and comprehend
How the illusion can not know who he is
A different perception in his eyes
For the same life they both have lived
Than he turns away to the shadow of his on display
Staring into his soul
As a man stares into the eye of a hurricane
With each twist a thought
Turning from heaven to hell
Yet the man is only a reflection
And the illusion is not an illusion at all
And the shadows are the truths that we don't think about at all
And illusion is the man after all
Whose world is made up of double standards
Where similarities never exist
A puddle upon the black street
Man and nature collide
On a pavement away from an ocean side
I'm of man yet how i hunger for what nature beholds
How the water shivers in the breeze
Reflecting back it's small portion of the world
I stand back in the cold
The pastures upon the small lawns
A forest in the twin trees
A desert in a barren lawn
An ocean in the puddle upon the black street
I come inside my homemade shade to reside
The remains of nature resting outside
Thinking about things
My heart feels like wet soaks
Trampling through the puddles of love
Soaking up the grim from the murky waters
Like a soggy cracker
Trying to find a matching heartbeat
Of the moment thoughts
Stirring around inside my head like a whirlpool
Like the rush from a morning cup of coffee
Random and unstable
Like wild stallions
Galloping through the streets and courtyards of a towering city
Onlooking pedestrians absorbs the scene
Like the top headlines of a newspaper
And assemble into likewise groups
Discussing it over like the newest gossip
These are the inner thoughts
The thoughts we choose to accept and dismiss
On our daily interactions with life
Onward into the night
Where they will be bleeding into our dreams
Tiny little spaceships
Abducting Snails and fairies
Whisking through the gardens of suburbia
Glowing lights flashing through their intricate windows like televisions
Peeking through windows as they house hop through the neighborhood
And ponder this strange planet called Earth
Butterfly shaped flowers
Hangers upon stems
Set out to dry from the evenings dew
Soaking up the sunlight
Dressed in bumble bee colors
Whistling with the breeze
Into the deep blue sky
Waiting to be plucked by an angel
Snow is like frozen sand
Being crushed as you walk along
To sink a bit like the notes of a song
In the frigid air of dawn
And you just think
As you leave your foot prints like heart beats behind
The Fairy turtle
Spends most of his time dashing through the sky
Sky in the limited sense and only at night time
Perferring not to go too high

And being the size of a quarter yet not a smudge more
He zings around and through natures splendor
By use of his fairy wings
Admiring the small intricacies
To end up at the dawn of day
Nestled in his shell, rolled up inside a leaf
Not an every day ordinary snail
A snail on the edge of sanity
One leaf away from deranged premeditated murder
He slugs around looking for trouble
Drugged on salt packets trying to find
A little girl to attack in the dead of night
A heart shaped perfume bottle,
made of sapphire
Mimicking a midnight ocean
Star gazing upon the rocky window sill
Resides a bottle of dreams
Corked inside like a conch shell
Composing the tune of her thoughts,
like a perfect moment caught up between two kisses
Awaiting to be rubbed against her dream man's neck
Caressed against his masculine chest
Whispering her secrets into his ears
As he takes her along their trails
Drenched passion walking the streets in the rain
Drowning in his own emotions
Through stain glass eyes he perceives what they call life
Reflecting part reality and part fantasy
Too tired to care which is which
He walks like a drunk without ever needing a sip
Trying to find the doorway of tomorrow
Like a cheap bar or motel
As he travels through the desolate alley ways
The ill-lighted chasms of today
My heart feels like wet soaks
Trampling through the puddles of love
Soaking up the grim from the murky waters
Like a soggy cracker
Trying to find a matching heartbeat