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Jul 19, 2012

1 My thoughts on a question: What do I say about Gay Rights?

What do I say? I say that you are purposely flaunting and shoving your beliefs into other people's faces, and if someone were to oppose you, you would simply treat them like trash without a desire to hear what they got to say, or am I wrong?

What else do I say, since you asked? I think that love isn't dependent upon sexuality and that you can love the same sex without any sexual aspects being injected into it. Is love dependent upon sex in your world? Sadly, if it is, perhaps it's not love to begin with.

What else do I think? That same-sex sex is unnatural and doesn't operate within the confines of natural law. It abuses the nature of the reproductive act by robbing it of it's producing purpose: To create life. How is it logical than that sex be used by gays as the conduit of love if it's purpose is to produce life as the end result? Surely, love can be expressed in far more meaningful ways without resorting to tainting a process which governs our generations. Therefore, doesn't such a methodology defile the sanctity of making love for reproducing between a man and a woman? Indeed.

Of course, people will mention how married couples can use condoms, that straight people in marriages often have sex without wanting to produce offspring, or simply can't produce offspring, and numerous other "exceptions" which people will try to use to punch holes in my philosophy. However, Man and woman are created for the act of having sex. Their body parts are in harmony and sync and in accordance with natural law. And marriage be their vessel to hold their love that their love isn't destroyed by the problematic adventures of sin. Regardless, a man and a man aren't equip for love making as such, they have to change the process in an unnatural fashion in order to get it to function. They are at odds with nature's design; furthermore, there is no function or possibility of creating life together. I would say that even though there are ways to have sex, it's a completely opposing process which goes against the grain of nature and is illogical as a whole: illogical in purpose as well as reason.

What more do I have to say? That it's your personal business what you do with your life. Do I oppose gay marriage on principle? Yes. Am I homophobic as people with hatred in their hearts would use to demean me? No. I can exist in harmony and with love towards gay people, doesn't mean that my beliefs need to change. Of course, I oppose it on grounds of violating God's law and that is my choice. Do I have to ram things down people's throats and use derogatory terms against them? No. Therefore, who really is more loving: Those that spew hatred for a higher belief, or those that shows love in face of difference? Indeed.

What's more? Why oppose bestiality or incest or any other number of taboo sexual relationships? Where does it really end? Where is the line in the sand that you will draw like I have? Will you rather be striped of all rule and law and love in such a inadequate fashion as to lessen it? Would you preach out for incest and bestiality as much as gay love? Would you rather have no morals in order to be completely free of any restraint? Surely, if you believe in "free love" without discrimination, you should also afford that courtesy to bestiality and incest and any number of other taboo areas like sex with children: all of which I don't approve of. However, will you discriminate against such acts with a discrimination which you don't let others afford you? How can this be without being a hypocrite to your own principles? Something to consider...

Take care,